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Rajiv Aarogyasri Health Insurance Scheme was started in March, 2007 in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The Government in an effort to assist the Below poverty line families (BPL) has decided to introduce health insurance for treating the dreaded diseases. In order to facilitate the effective implementation of the scheme, the Government has set up AAROGYASRI HEALTH CARE TRUST.
Under the Scheme, There is
  • Cashless Transaction
  • Special Investigation, Medicines and Diet free of cost
  • Travelling charges at the time of Discharge
  • 10 Days follow up medicines at the time of Discharge
  • Follow up medicines for 1 year.
  • Health Camps are conducted by the Empanelled Hospital to mobilize beneficiaries in the Districts.
Health Camps conducted by Niloufer Hospital :

Health camps are the main source of mobilizing the beneficiaries under the Aarogyasri Scheme. Niloufer Hospital is conducting regular Free Health Camps under the Rajiv Aarogyasri Scheme. The camps are held as per the schedule and place given by the trust. Approximately 3 to 4 camps per month.
Camps conducted so far :
  • As of now 79 Camps are conducted for the last 20 months in 9 districts namely Rangareddy (15), Hyderabad (20), Medak (30) Mehaboobnagar (5), Nalgonda (3), Ananthpur (1), Kurnool (2), Warangal (1), Nizamabad (2) by the Niloufer Hospital. On directions of the Ministry of Health Education to adopt Medak District more and more camps are being conducted in Medak and Rangareddy only.
Health camp I.E.C. Activities :
  • Distribution of Pamphlets to rural people, Mike announcements – Auto, 3 villages Dandora will be performed, village meetings, Intimation to PHC Doctor, News / Advertisements in local dailies, Banners, Local Mithra, Regional Coordinator and Area Manager one week in advance.
Conduct of Camps :
  • One Pediatrician, One Pediatric Surgeon, One Gynecologist with the Pharmacist, Driver and AMCCO (Camp Coordinator) go to the Camp site with Medicines, Stethoscopes, BP Apparatus and Weighing Machines in the TATA Winger vehicle purchased by the Hospital for Aarogyasri. Till date the Faculty members of Niloufer Hospital have screened 6000 patients from the camps with referral to Niloufuer Hospital. About 5-6 patients are admitted at Niloufer hospital referred from camps for further management.
Maintenance of Health Camp :
Providing Shamiana, Chairs, Tea, Snacks and water to patients and distribution of Medicines.
The Hospital will carry the below mentioned list of medicines for conducting of Health Camps with a minimum of Rs. 4000 worth medicines must be carried to each camp.
    1)Anti inflammatory/ antipyretic / analgesic- Ibuprufen, Paracetomol Aspirin, Diclofenac Sodium
    2)Anti-Allergic – Chlorpheniramine Maleate
    4)Antibotic - Norfloxacin, Ciprofloxacin, Ampicillin
    5)H 1 antagonist – Ranitidine
    6)Antacid – Gelusil
    7)Vitamins & Iron supplement - Multivitamin, Iron+Folic Acid, B-complex, Vit.C, A & D
    8)for Children – Paracetomol, Ampicillin ,Antitussive
The importance of the Camps is to provide free medical advice and medicines to the below Poverty Line People, Rural People and comm on health problems. Effective conduction of health camps is the Key to Success of Rajiv Aarogyasri community Health Insurance Scheme.

Niloufer Hospital takes the pleasure and privilege to conduct health camps for the poor as a part of social commitment of this premier Institute of Child Health.


Aarogyasri-I is a unique Community Health Insurance Scheme being implemented in Andhra Pradesh from 1st April, 2007. The scheme provides financial protection to families living Below Poverty Line up to Rs. 2 lakhs in a year for the treatment of serious ailments requiring hospitalization and surgery 330 procedures are covered under the scheme. The scheme is being implemented through Insurance Company. The objective of the scheme is to improve access of BPL families to quality medical care for treatment of identified diseases involving hospitalization, surgeries and therapies through an identified network of health care providers.

Encouraged by the success of the ongoing scheme, Government have now decided to launch with effect from 17th July, 2008, the Aarogyasri-II scheme to include a large number of additional surgical and medical diseases to enable many more BPL people who are now suffering from acute ailments, to lead a healthy life. With the launch of Aarogyasri-II, cash less treatment of BPL population for a11 major diseases will become possible in Government / Corporate Hospitals.

Benefits of Rajiv Aarogyasri Scheme :

The members of Below poverty Line (BPK) families as enumerated and photographed on the Rajiv Aarogyasri Health Card / BPL Ration Card.
  • Cash less Transaction
  • Special investigation, Medicines and Diet free-of-cost
  • Travelling charges at the time of Discharge
  • 10 Days follow-up medicines at the time of Discharge
  • Follow-up medicines for 1 year.
Rajiv Aarogyasri Health Scheme in Niloufer Hospital :

Niloufer Hospital has empaneled with Aarogyasri trust for implementing Aarogyasri scheme to cover the pediatrics, pediatrics surgery and obstetrics and Gynaec cases from 15th April 2007.

Since then,
  • Pediatrics Department has registered – 3466 cases and 1549 claim paid cases.
  • Pediatrics surgery department has registered 2102 cases and 1536 claim paid cases.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Department has registered 287 cases and 98 claim paid cases.

The Director of Medical Education has put the targets to increase the occupancy upto 30% in Government Hospital. Niloufer hospital has always exceeded the target, which are apreciated by a GO issued by the Principal Health Secretary.

Target set by D.M.E. for the Month of August - 2009

Department Total Cases Regsitered DME Target Percentage
PEDIATRICS 149 142 104.9295775
GYNECOLOGY 15 26 57.69230769
TOTAL 269 208 129.3269231

Target set by D.M.E. for the Month of November - 2009

Department No. of Surgeries/month Expected Revenue (Per Month in Lakhs)
  Existing Additional Total Existing Revenue Additional Revenue Total Revenue
1 Ped 200 200 400 20 40 60.00
2 Ped Sur 80 20 100 50s 10 60
3 Gyn 15 10 25 2 1.5 03.50
TOTAL           123.50

Aarogyasri targets that will be committed to be achieved after improvement of infrastructure

Department Total Cases Registered DME Target Percentage
Pediatrics 285 125 228
Pediatrics Surgery 99 40 247.5
Gynecology 15 46 32.60869565
TOTAL 399 211 189.0995261


1. Empanelment : Niloufer Hospital is the first Government of Hospital empanelled on 24-09-2009 with the Aarogyasri trust for running the Rajiv Aarogyasri Health Insurance Scheme meeting all the stipulations required, which are very stringent.

2. Performance :
Since April, 2008
  • Pediatrics Department has registered – 3656 cases and 1721 claim paid cases.
  • Pediatrics Surgery Department has registered 2201 cases and 1616 claim paid cases.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Department has registered 302 cases and 101 claim paid cases.
The Director of Medical Education has put the targets to increase the occpancy upto 30% in Government Hospital. Niloufer Hospital has always exceeded the target, which is being appreciated persue. G.O. Issued by the Principal Health Secretary vide CO Letter 8350/K2/2009 dated, 16-09-2009 (Ex : we reached upto 189% of performance in the month of Nov'09) (on bed status daily 150 to 180)

3. Work Pattern :
It is decentralized with systems, internet, digital camera and chairs with data entry operations in every unit of pediatrics, pediatric surgery and obstetrics & gynaec departments, empowering the consultants.

4.It is the only government of Hospital that has purchased “TATA Winger” vehicle for Rajiv Aarogyasri Health camps worth of Rs. 7,10,116/- lakhs under Rajiv Aarogyasri funds.

5.Aarogyasri wards in Unit I, NICU and Aarogyasri Office established as a model to give corporate ambience and work atmosphere, which was shown in Video conference as a model. The same will be created in all the wards and proposal for estimation to APHMHIDC with Administrative sanction of :
  • Pediatric Surgery : Rs. 40 Lakhs
  • ESR Stepdown ward – Rs. 10 lakhs
6. Provision of special Diet to Aarogyasri Patients with high protein, pulses sweet, curd etc.

Pediatric surgical team of Niloufer Hospital has done tremendous work under Aarogyasri scheme. The benefits of the scheme to Niloufer Hospital are many and has made a changes in the environment and attitude of staff.

The following are some of the achievements at Niloufer Hospital through Aarogyasri Scheme
  • Remuneration and incentive to all government staff including doctors, staff nurses, class IV, lab technicians, who are providing services directly to the patients. This incentive has increased the self esteem of the staff.
  • Provision of all consumables, Investigation and Medicines (that were not originally available in Government System) leading to the patients satisfaction and job satisfaction to the staff.
  • Renovation of Surgical wards is done converting them as the state of Art Departments in our state.
  • Renovation of ESR entrance to create a decent reception and ESR step down into Aarogyasri Medical ward.
  • Provision of safe cool drinking water in the wards.
  • Development of Departmental funds and hospital fund gives an opportunity to improve infrastructure for patient care in the hospital.
  • Provision of computer with internet facility in wards / units for online processing can be used for data analysis and research work.
  • Opportunity for faculty to become computer savvy.
  • Computerization of Aarogyasri Office – making all transactions on line.
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